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5 Bedroom Waterfront Home on Headpond

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Bedrooms (#): 5 bedrooms
Bathrooms (#): 2 bathrooms

715 Route 105, Nackawic, NB, E6G
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Waterfront Home on Headpond
2.5 Acres 5 Bedroom

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How You Can Own This Awesome Waterfront Home!

1. Have a Dream of Living on the Water! (Yes, dreams do come true)

* Fishing, boating, campfires, beautiful surroundings, and more... all yours to enjoy in this 3000 square feet of living space! (Up, down & all around)

2. Move Sideways Without Increasing Your Mortgage! (Hey... maybe you will carry a smaller mortgage)

* Sell your more expensive home in the city and move into your dream waterfront home located just 20 to 25 minutes out of town without increasing your mortgage. (Or pay less with a smaller mortgage!)

3. Forget About Buying a Lot and Building a Home! (What a headache)

* Why go through all that pain trying to find a lot, clear the lot, put water in, septic in, road in, and landscaping... when this home already has all that done for you. This alone will save money, time, and aggravation. (Possibly your marriage too!)


Why Are We Selling?

We're selling because we are moving to Florida once the home is sold... yes we're retiring and going to enjoy some time in the heat and on the beach... before we're too old to even care where we are! (Plus I'll look really bad in a swimsuit when I'm 80.) (My wife tells me I already look bad in a swimsuit!)
Posted Date 2009-03-31 22:56:50(GMT)
Last Modified 2009-03-31 22:56:50(GMT)
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